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For your TMail account, you can define your Profile Settings. You can also access Helpful Links and Support from the gear icon.

Profile Settings

Use the Profile Settings option to update your Name, Email Address, Timezone Settings, Notification Settings, Account Theme, and so on. (Please see Profile Settings for more details.)

You can use Profile Settings whether you have an Individual Account Type or an Organization Account Type.

Helpful Links and Support

You can access some Helpful Links and Support by clicking on the gear icon.

You can access the following links from this menu.

  • User Guide
  • Knowledge Base
  • Create a Support Ticket

TMail21 Knowledgebase

Administrator Settings

If you are an Organization Administrator, you will see additional options in the gear menu.

  • Manage Org Users
  • Manage Plans and Pricing
  • Manage Domains
  • Manage Push Notifications

(Please see Manage Users, Manage Domains, and Manage Plans for more details.)

TMail Knowledgebase

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