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Deep Collaboration for Teams
Deep Collaboration is Asynchronous Collaboration Done Right
Embrace the Deep Work revolution with Deep Collaboration (Learn More)

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Today’s teams are getting overwhelmed by constant distraction and overflowing inboxes.

Turbocharge team productivity and satisfaction by embracing the Deep Work revolution.

Deep Collaboration Makes Deep Work Practical

How? By dramatically reducing the interruptions from real-time collaboration

Deep (Solo)

Deep (Async)



Deep Collaboration is Asynchronous Done Right

Up to 5x the Productivity of Email. What!? How?

Asynchronous Metric Email Deep Collaboration
Decision time
Inbox size
Decision Throughput

The Deep Thread as the Building Block of Deep Collaboration

Micro-process Threads
Forms, Checklists, Templates

Micro-Project Threads
Assign Tasks & Execute projects

Content-centric Threads
Updateable, change-tracked content. No attachment nightmare..

Basic Threads
Deep Thread Evolution

Manage parallel threads with Kanban, Tracking Numbers.

Think in “Micro-projects

Organizing basic enterprise communication as lightweight micro-projects (and micro-processes) is vastly superior to organizing as (email) messages.

  • Goal-oriented mindset
  • Better contextualization of messages, files, documents, tasks

Anatomy of a Deep Thread

Sections are used to represent thread state.

Threads are advanced via user-controlled changesets

  • Threads advance from one meaningful state to another leading to clarity and correctness which is critical in asynchronous collaboration.
  • Meaningful change-tracking which is critical to the ‘catchup’ phase of asynchronous collaboration.
  • Contrast with the information ‘dribble’ of real-time collaboration.

A Familiar Email-like Interface with Vastly More Power.

A screenshot of TMail21 showing TMail Tracking Numbers, Meaningful Changsets, Smart Sections, Goal-oriented Discussions and Lean Processes