Use Cases

TMail can be used for a wide range of use cases limited only by your imagination. From basic discussion threads to multi-TMail collaborative planning, explore some use cases to get a sense what you can do with TMail.

Execute Contracts with “written notices”



Execute Contracts with “written notices”. Explore Further.

Run Better Meetings


Prepare for, Run, and Manage Next Steps for a Meeting. Explore Further

Seek and Obtain Approvals


Seek and obtain approvals on a variety of matters. Explore Further

Turbo-charge Document Collaboration


Turbo-charge document collaboration with either direct-style collaboration or author-reviewer style collaboration. Explore Further

Conduct Employee Performance Reviews


Conduct Employee Reviews with your team. Easily measure performance against goals. Explore Further

Collaborate on Closing a Home


Collaborate on closing a home. For example as a Title Company, you may involve the Buyer, Seller, Buyer’s Agent, Seller’s Agent, Inspector, Municipal Government, Lending Agent, Lender, Lawyers, etc. in the choreographed dance that is a home closing. Explore Further

Manage Job Applications


Allow applicants to easily apply for a job and manage the hiring process. Explore Further.

Raise, Collaborate and Deal with Alerts


Raise, collaborate on and systematically deal with alerts. Explore Further

Receive, Send and Manage Invoices


Manage invoices from your vendors. Use an Invoice Stream to easily keep track of status of each invoice. Explore Further

Negotiate a Contract


Negotiate a contract with a customer. Use one TMail for the shared contract and another for an internal discussion about the contract. Explore Further

Collaboratively Plan


Collaboratively plan or budget across your entire organization. Explore Further

Run a Training Course

training Course

Run a training course with TMail. Manage assignments, send report cards and establish discussion topics. Explore Further

Deploy an App


Manage the process of deploying an App. Explore Further

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