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You can register with TMail21 as a personal account or as an organization account. Personal accounts are appropriate for users outside the context of an organization. Each individual Account has a single user associated with it. This user’s address is of the form <user-prefix>$ . For example joe$ These are similar to the email accounts when you use other services such as gmail, hotmail or yahoo.
Organization accounts are appropriate for organizations such as Businesses, Companies, Teams within Companies, Schools, Government Entities etc. When you setup an organization account, you can add multiple users to the account and all associated users get their own login details to use the system. An organization account has an Organization Name associated with the account and you cannot change it later.
You can associate an organization account with a custom domain name, such as the domain of your organization. User addresses within an organization account have two forms depending on whether a domain name is associated with the account.

  • No Domain Associated: <user-prefix>$<org-name>
    • Example: joe$
    • This is also referred to as the user’s Forever Address.
  • Domain Associated: <user-prefix>$<associated-domain-name>
    • Example: joe$

Every organization has two users that are created when the organization is created. One of these is the administrator of the account, whose user-prefix is always “admin”. So the TMail address of the administrator is admin$<org-name> oradmin$<associated-domain-name>.

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