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For a TMail and its Messages, you can use Archive All action to archive all the associated Messages. This helps you clean your mailbox from obsolete messages that you may not need. When you use Archive All option the following things happen

  • All normal messages associated with the TMail are archived
  • A Tracker Message (if present) is deleted
  • All normal messages are marked read (if they were unread)
  • The corresponding TMail Pin is moved from the Active to Archived TMail Pin folder

all the Messages of that TMail are removed from the Inbox and the corresponding TMail Pin is also removed from the TMail specific folders such as Recent or Active. You can see these Archived TMail Pins in the Navigation, at TMail Pins | Archived

In Navigation, select a folder such as the Recent folder to find the target TMail. You can also select a Message in Message folder. At the bottom of this list, you see an option of Archive All, as below.

TMail Knowledgebase

Click on this Archive All option. All the associated Messages and the TMail Pin are removed from their respective folders.


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