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Current Article: Sections – See Differences

View Latest Differences

When you select View Latest Differences option for a File Section, a new interface appears where you can see the Differences in Side by side tab, as below.

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The names of last two versions of this Section are available immediately next to the Side by Side tab, such as V2 vs V1.

For both the versions, you can see following details.

  • A preview of both the Files
  • A Download option for each version
  • File size for its storage space

The Download Options

Click on the small down arrow for the Download option of each version, as below.

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Select an option based on the purpose of the Download action. For example, select As Section Name to save the File with the Section name.

View Full Difference History

When you select View Full Differences History option for a File Section, a new interface appears in a new tab, as below.

TMail Knowledgebase

See Sections: See Differences for detailed instructions.

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