Deep Collaboration for Healthcare

Deep Collaboration for Healthcare

Doctor checking medical records with his assistant

Improve efficiency, collections, compliance and patient outcomes with Deep Collaboration.

Whether you are a hospital, clinic or doctor, improve patient outcomes by combining highly structured flows of your EMR or Hospital Management System with highly customized semi-structured and unstructured workflows in TMail. Track each patient or case in their own thread, Onboard patients more easily and get reimbursed by insurance more effectively, manage tasks and forms right within threads etc. Create custom checklists right within your threads so you never miss a step.

Some Use Cases

  • Thread per Patient
  • Thread per Prescription
  • Thread per Insurance Claim
  • Thread per Claim Dispute
  • Thread per Requisition
  • Thread per Medical Alert
  • Thread per Patient Onboarding
  • Thread per Hospital Intake
  • Thread per Vendor Contract
  • Thread per Vendor PO
  • Thread per Lab Order
  • Thread per Lab Report
  • Thread per Prior Authorization

HIPAA Compliance

  • Fully encrypted communication
  • Secure Login
  • Non-spoofable identity
  • Non-repudiable audit trails
  • Tracking Numbers for all transactions
  • Certified Receipts
  • Transactional Guarantees