Conduct Employee Performance Reviews

Conduct Employee Performance Reviews


Suggested Template(s): PerformanceReview/, PerformanceReviewForManagers/
TMail Capabilities Used: Form Section, Tracking Number, Roles, Authoritative Audit Trail, Templates, Instances

Easily conduct Employee Performance Reviews. Use the PerformanceReview/ or create your own Performance Review Template with your criteria. The Template has a list of criteria and a manager-assigned score associated with each criteria. There is a section where the Employee gives their feedback to the Manager and the Manager gives their feedback to the Employee. Each Instance of the Template represents a Performance Review for a particular Employee, for a particular Manager for a particular Evaluation Period. The Manager and Employee can discuss all aspects of the performance in the Comments associated with the Performance Review Instance.

Once the review process is finished, the Manager can do a Certified Forward of the Review to HR so that HR can keep it in their records. In addition to sending it to a specific person (say tammy$ it can also be forwarded to a role (hr$ so that it is accessible by anyone in HR that can play the hr$ role.

HR can easily maintain a Spreadsheet which has Employee Name, Manager Name, Performance Period and Tracking Number which points to the Performance Review Instance.

Acme Employee Performance Spreadsheet

If HR maintained this information in an App or Database, the Tracking Number could easily
be added there instead.

HR can also add these Tracking Numbers to each individual’s HR File. This way
information does not have to be copied over.