Raise, Collaborate and Deal with Alerts

Raise, Collaborate and Deal with Alerts


Templates: Alert/tmailinc.com
Capabilities Used: Tracking Number, Templates, Form Section, Search, Certified Forward

TMails can be used to raise, collaborate, escalate and deal with Alerts. One can use the template Alert/tmailinc.com or a custom template of your own making.

Alerts can be raised manually or programatically via the REST API. Once raised,
the Alert can be discussed, escalated and resolved.

The default Alert/tmailinc.com template has the following fields.

  • Alert Type (Text Field)
  • Alert Description (Text Area)
  • Alert State (RAISED->IN PROCESSING->CLOSED) (Dropdown)
  • Severity (LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH)
  • Raised By (Text Field)
  • Assigned To (Text Field)
  • Resolution (Text Area)

Custom alerts can have fields that are specific to that alert. Consider an “Internet of Things” type alert for an Industrial Motor created by industrialmotor.com.

Alert Template Name could be Alert/industrialmotor.com.

It could have the following additional fields

  • Motor Type (Drop down field)
  • Motor ID (Text Field)
  • Motor Alert Type (Drop down field. ERRATIC_SPEED, VOLTAGE_SPIKE, STOPPED etc.)