Receive, Send and Manage Invoices

Receive, Send and Manage Invoices


Suggested Template(s): Invoice/, InvoiceStream/, InvoiceDispute/
TMail Capabilities Used: Form Section, Grid Section, Tracking Number, Audit Trail

Managing Invoices with your trading partners via EMail is frustrating. There is often confusion as to which invoices have been received and which invoices have been paid. Buyers manage their invoices in their Accounts Payable system and sellers manage their invoices in their Accounts Receivable system.

Using a Template such as InvoiceStream/ it is easy to get Buyers and Sellers on the same page. Both parties can easily see the status of any Invoice the the Invoice Stream. Examples of statues include

  • BUYER_INVOICE_ACK – Buyer acknowledges receipt of invoice
  • BUYER_PAID – Buyer asserts that invoice has been paid
  • SELLER_PAYMENT_ACK – Buyer acknowledges payment has been received
  • BUYER_ISSUE – Buyer has an issue with the Invoice
  • SELLER_ISSUE – Seller has an issue with the Invoice

Invoices themselves can be sent via a Template such as Invoice/ This would allow each Invoice to have a Shared Tracking Number between the Buyer and the Seller. Buyers and Sellers can use a File Section (eg. PDF or Word) to store the Invoice. Alternatively, they could use a Form Section which would allow their respective developers to automatically process invoices using TMail Triggers.