Run a Training Course

Run a Training Course

training Course

Suggested Template(s): Course/, CoursePrep/, Assignment/,Test/, ReportCard/
Capabilities Used: Smart Sections (Text, Grid, File), Certified Clones, Templates, Form Sections, Tracking Numbers

Effective Training of Employees, Partners and Customers is a critical capability for many types of organizations. Effective Training requires preparing a curriculum and running a class.

TMail can be used to collaborate between various stakeholders to produce a curriculum. A Template such as CoursePrep/ could be used for this.

Once a the course has begun, a TMail can be used to disseminate course materials. Smart Sections can be used to maintain the Course Curriculum, Course Calendar, Assignments etc. A Template such as Course/ could be used for this.


A key part of any training is Assignments and Tests. An instructor can easily create an Assignment TMail and clone once-per-student. Assignments can contain Questions, Student Answers and Instructor Feedback using one or more Form Section. Students can submit essay-type responses using a Text Section.

Tests can be administered via TMail and can be Q&A or multiple-choice or any combination thereof. Alternatively, if Tests are administered via Paper, the Graded paper can be scanned into a File Section of a Test TMail. The instructor and Student can then easily have a discussion around the Test results.

Once an instructor has created Course material, Assignments and Tests, these can be used the next time the course is delivered.