Run Meetings

Prepare for, Run and Manage Next Steps for a Meeting


Templates: Meeting/

Capabilities Used: Multiple Section Capability, Private Clones, Tracking Number

Meetings are an unavoidable part of company life. Use TMail to get everyone on the same page regarding a meeting. A typical meeting might have the following phases.

Before the Meeting:

  • Agenda
  • Background Material

After the Meeting

  • Meeting Notes
  • Next Steps

A TMail would be a perfect vehicle to run a meeting. For a meeting with the above phases it would make sense to create the following Sections

  • Agenda
  • Participants and (optional) biographies
  • Background Material (possibly more than one)
  • Meeting Notes
  • Next Steps

Before the meeting as the Agenda, Participants (and possibly Background Material) evolve, these can be updated by the TMail users. Users can use the Certified Diff Capability to easily see the evolution of the Agenda, Participants and Background Material.

After the meeting, the Meeting Notes can be captured and Next Steps or Tasks can be assigned and tracked.

Like with any TMail, the participants can have a free-form discussion around the Agenda, Participants, Background Material, Meeting Notes and Next Steps.

A link to the TMail can easily be added to the Shared Calendar Entry for the Meeting.