Execute Business Transactions Right Inside Your TMail

Execute Workflows Right Inside your Mail

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Increase your group’s or enterprise’s productivity by quickly creating (in minutes) custom Workflows and Business Transactions. Leverage the benefits of becoming process-driven without investing in brittle, expensive, dedicated systems.


With TMail it is possible to execute business transactions right within your mail. Most business transactions such as Orders, Shipments, Prescriptions, Invoices, EOB’s, Receipts etc. are long-running asynchronous processes and as such are a perfect fit for mail.


Today, business transactions are either executed in dedicated apps or ‘loosely’ via EMail. Dedicated apps have the problem in that they are very rigid. If they match your needs, great, otherwise you are out of luck.


There are five key elements that make TMail perfect for business transactions
  1. The ‘Form’ Smart Section.
    This allows content in TMail (unlike in EMail) to be optionally structured.
  2. TMail Templates that allow you to quickly templatize structured TMails. You can literally create a new Template in minutes that is perfectly geared towards your business processes.
  3. The Template Store allows you to publish your templates either privately (only users in your org can instantiate) or publicly (anyone can instantiate). It also allows you to instantiate other companies’ Templates.
  4. Mission-Critical Guarantees
  5. Every TMail has a globally-unique Tracking Number which makes for a perfect Transaction Number.