Say Goodbye to Spam

Say goodbye to Spam

Spam is massively reduced via several techniques including distinguishing between people and bots. Don’t let spam overwhelm you.

One of the major problems with EMail is spam. Spam has some major negative effects

  1. It can overwhelm one’s inbox.
  2. It can cause ‘true’ messages to be inaccurately sent to the Spam folder.
  3. It can act as a vector for Viruses, Phishing scams, Trojans, Worms,
  4. A user can be classified as a spammer if their account is hijacked
TMail dramatically minimizes spam with a host of techniques. Two of these techniques are
  • Prevention of identity spoofing.
  • Distinction between bots and humans and imposition of micro-transaction costs on all bot-generated messages.
(Note that there are no micro-transaction costs to bot-generated messages
sent within your own organization).