Tracking Numbers

Refer to your Mail via Tracking Numbers

Never lose track of your mail again. Every TMail has a user-friendly Tracking Number. Use this to refer to, share and find TMails. Tie your mail into the broader enterprise ecosystem.


Every TMail has a user-friendly tracking number. This allows TMails to be referred to from a variety of places including but not limited to Text Messages, Chat Rooms, Emails, Other TMails, Apps, ERP Systems, Spreadsheets, Word Documents and even other TMails.

Email, because it lacks any kind of support for tracking, is essentially a siloed collaboration system cut off from the broader enterprise ecosystem. TMail, with its support for tracking transforms how interpersonal-collaboration interplays with the broader enterprise ecosystem.


Consider the case of Apps. By placing TMail tracking numbers into Apps, it automatically collaboration-enables the App. Any app that supports user-defined fields can easily support this.


To take one example, consider the case of a Contract Negotiation. If this Contract Negotiation were carried out by Email, there would be no way to refer to it. By contrast if done in TMail, it would have a unique tracking number. This tracking number could be placed into spreadsheet maintained by the Legal Department that contains of a list of all Contract Negotiations. Orders and Invoices created against this Contract would just as easily refer to this Contract. Any documents associated with the contract would also have a unique tracking number. This sort of capability is transformative for many business processes.


The tracking number is not limited to the just the TMail itself, but to individual components of the TMail. Each of the following also has a global, friendly tracking number associated with it.
– Each comment in the TMail
– Each Section in the TMail
– Each Section Version in the TMail
– Each File in a File Section in the TMail


In summary, EMail is like the Internet before the advent of the web. The web, via the concept of the URL transformed the Internet. Similarly TMail, with its globally-unique tracking number transforms the way business communication is conducted.