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When you add a Star to a TMail Pin, you can additionally assign Priority to these TMail Pins to see the Star marked TMail Pins in the order of Priority. (Please see Star a TMail Pin for more details.)

In Navigation | TMail Pins, select a folder to locate the target list of TMail Pins. In the list, the header row shows the names of different columns such as StarSubject, and Type. (To customize the list view for what all columns you can show or hide for this specific list, please see Global Tasks for details.) You can see the list of TMails, as below.

TMail21 Knowledgebase

In Priority column, you can assign a Priority to a TMail by selecting one or more circles. Selecting one Star means the TMail Pin is on lowest Priority and selecting five circles means that the TMail Pin  is on highest Priority. You can change the Priority anytime, any number of times.

When you assign the Priority, the Star in Priority column and in Star column are highlighted. It means that any TMail Pin when assigned a Priority is automatically marked with a Star.

More Actions

To remove the Priority from a TMail Pin, click on the Star available in Priority column, or in Star column. The Star is also removed from the TMail Pin.

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