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You can see following few articles to gain basic understanding of terms and the whole concept of TMail. Once you get an overview, this article helps you understand the core concept, with an example.

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An Example

Consider an example TMail Sales Cycle with Acme Corp, is being exchanged among three Writers – Ron Smith, Kevin Jones, and Jill Brady. The following diagram shows the high-level relationship between TMail, TMail Changesets, TMail Pins, and Messages.

TMail21 Knowledgebase


  • Every change to a TMail results in a TMail Changeset.
  • TMail Changesets are sequentially numbered
  • A TMail is an object shared by all the associated Users (Writers).
  • When a User is first added to a TMail, a corresponding private TMail Pin is automatically created for the User.
  • For every TMail Changeset, a Message is sent to all Users who are the associated Writers when a┬áChangeset is created.

In this example:

  • TMail-0105 has 3 Writers (Ron, Kevin and Jill) and 5 Changesets so far.
  • There will already be 3 private TMail Pins for Ron, Kevin and Jill respectively.
    • Ron.TMail-Pin-0105
    • Kevin.TMail-Pin-0105
    • Jill.TMail-Pin-0105
  • When TMail-0105.Changeset-6 is created, 3 private messages are┬ásent to Ron, Kevin and Jill respectively.
    • Ron.TMail-Pin-0105.Message-6
    • Kevin.TMail-Pin-0105.Message-6
    • Jill.TMail-Pin-0105.Message-6

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