Power Threads for Teams
Up to 5x the productivity over email. What!? How?

Massively increase team productivity with Power Threads. As simple and familiar as email, but vastly more powerful. Integrates beautifully with chat

Better Notifications
First-Class Threads
First-Class Threads allow teams to engage in highly productive, focused discussions. Run hundreds of discussion threads in parallel and easily triage them with Kanban. Say hello to Inbox Zero. Easily integrate your threads with Chat apps like Slack. Learn about Tracking Numbers and more at
awesome team discussions

First-class Thread with Tracking Number

Better Notifications
Threads with Synchronized, Change-Tracked Content
Say goodbye to attachment nightmare with change-tracked content perfectly synchronized with your comments. Also say goodbye to the integration nightmare of email with online docs or shared files. Learn about synchronized change-tracked content (Smart Sections) and more at content-centric discussions

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Better Discussions
Goal-Oriented Threads
Add, modify, track your goals, plans and peer-to-peer tasks right within your Power Threads. A unified task inbox ensures that no task is left behind. No more inconclusive discussions! Learn more at goal-oriented discussions

A Smart Section with Tasks in various states

Lean Processes
Conversational Processes
Teams have many naturally repeating patterns of work. Convert your recurring Discussion Threads into Lightweight Conversational Processes in minutes. No coding required!. Publish your processes to your team or the world. Teams scale better and are more agile when they become process-oriented (Learn More)

Conversational Process

Lean Commerce
Mission Critical Processes
Run mission critical processes both within your company as well as with your trading partners and customers (B2B, B2C). Rely on certified mail, certified processes, tracking numbers, binding contracts and non-repudiable audit trails. Engage in Conversational Commerce (Learn More)

Conversational Process Examples

Streamline PO

Improved Design

Write Better
Blog Posts


Streamline Contract

Better Invoice
Exception Management

Improved Escalation

Streamline Employee

Run Better Sales

Better Manage
Code Deployments

Field Service

A familiar email-like interface with vastly more power.

A screenshot of TMail21 showing TMail Tracking Numbers, Meaningful Changsets, Smart Sections, Goal-oriented Discussions and Lean Processes

Powerful and Intuitive

With TMail’s goal-oriented discussions and lightweight processes, we saved hundreds of hours on a recent client project compared to email/chat. TMail is an intuitive extension of a conventional Email service and it helped us to be clear on the current state of each process/discussion and on next steps.

We used it to define the documentation process and goals, and to collaborate on hundreds of articles for a Knowledgebase, Tickets, Design Discussions, Invoicing, Release Management, Product Feedback and Documentation Plans.

Since TMail is so similar to email, our team was able to pick it up in minutes.

Vinish Garg

Partner, vhite

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