Lean Processes

Lean Processes

Teams have many naturally repeating patterns of work. These can be captured as Lean Processes in minutes. Teams scale better, are more agile and produce better quality output with Lean Processes. (Check out the Lean BPM Manifesto for the principles of Lean Processes)

lean bpm geared towards knowledge workers

Geared towards Knowledge Workers

Lean Processes are designed to be created and evolved by Knowledge Workers. No need for I.T. involvement like in traditional BPM tools. Knowledge Workers will be creating lean processes in minutes. Learn more about Zero-Code BPM.

Let Processes Naturally Emerge

Start as simple topic-oriented discussions, progress to goal-oriented discussions and finally (optionally) progress to Lean Processes. This progression from the specific to the general is much more natural and leads to much better business processes.

Emergent Business Processes. From Informal to Formal. From Topic-Oriented Discussions to Goal-oriented discussions to Lean Processes.

Extend your Lean Processes to your customers, suppliers and trading partners.

Extend to your Customers, Suppliers and Trading Partners.

Execute not just lean internal processes, but lean processes with customers, suppliers and trading partners.


Evolve lean processes in minutes to keep up with best practices and fast-changing business conditions. Run multiple versions of lean processes simultaneously.

Flexible Business Processes allow businesses to keep up with fast changing business conditions.

Share your Business Processes through the Business Process Knowledge Base.

Process Knowledge Base

Share your Lean Process with your entire organization thus creating a Lean Process Knowledge Base. A Lean Process Knowledge Base can become a huge differentiator for your organization.

Be Recognized as an Expert

Enhance your company’s credentials as a Lean Process Expert by publishing your Lean Processes to the world. Every time someone executes your lean process, you will be at the top of their mind.

Be recognized as a Business Process Expert in your area by sharing your process knowledge with the world.

Lean Process Example

Let’s look at an example of how lean ‘processes’ are created and evolved in TMail. We’ll look at an example of a marketing team creating Blog articles.

Initially it’s just the Article

A natural starting point for a Blog is to focus on the article itself.

TMail Screenshot of Emergent Business Process: Initially it’s just the Article

Title Brainstorming and Blog Outline

Then they realize brainstorming various titles allows them to pick titles that are more catchy, appropriate and SEO friendly.

TMail Screenshot of Emergent Business Process: Title Brainstorming and Blog Outline
They also notice that if they produce an outline before writing the actual article, it allows for the logical argument of the article to be better developed. They’ve found this approach to give rise to much better reasoned articles and better engagement with their subscribers.

The beginnings of a ‘Process’

Over time they start noticing that there are a series of common steps they tend to take over and over again. Furthermore they also learn that writing the article is just the first step. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Blog Promotion are critical to the success of the article. So, they incorporate keyword research, hashtags, blog promotion and a set of steps into their blog creation ‘process’.

TMail Screenshot of Emergent Business Process: The beginnings of a Process


As they get more sophisticated about blogging, they realize that reaching out to individual influencers either through email or Twitter @mentions is key to a significant boost in the distribution and engagement of their articles.

TMail Screenshot of Emergent Business Process: Influencers

Formalization as a Lean Process Template

At this point they realize that they have evolved a highly sophisticated blogging process with a high rate of success. They decide to institutionalize it as a formal Lean Process Template. This allows their hard-won knowledge to be disseminated through the organization. By doing this, their organization’s knowledge is widely shared leading to the productivity of the organization as a whole to rise dramatically in the realm of blog posting. Even newcomers to the group can quickly benefit.

TMail Screenshot of Emergent Business Process: Formalization as a Process Template

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