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You can Clone an Instance and then make edits, if required. This is particularly useful when you want to use an Instance after minor edits.

There are two options to Clone an Instance.

  • Clone Instance as Basic: Create a new TMail based on the parent Instance structure
  • Clone Instance: Create a new Instance based on the parent Instance settings and structure

In Navigation, locate the Instance for which you want to create a Clone. For example, you can find it in Message Flow | Inbox, or in Tmail Pins | Recent. (Please see Navigation for more details.)

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Clone Instance as Basic

You can use Clone Instance as Basic option to create a new TMail that retains the basic structure of the parent Instance.

Select Comments tab. In More Actions down arrow, select Clone Instance as Basic option as below.

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You can also select Sections tab and click on Clone Instance as Basic down arrow, as below.

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Select Clone Instance as Basic option.

In either case, the new Instance interface appears in a new tab, as below.

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Add Writers

Add one or more Writers for this new Clone Instance. (Please see Add Writers for more details.)

Instance Subject

You can see that Clo is added as a prefix to the Subject of the original Instance that you select to Clone. Change the Subject, as required.

Add Attachments

Click on Add attachments link and select the documents that you want to attach with this Clone Instance. For any document or file that you attach, you can see its name and size.

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Click on the corresponding Remove option to remove it from this Clone Instance.

Add Comments

This is the main Comments area where you can write the notes or Comments for this Clone Instance. For the text, a small toolbar is available for basic text formatting, such as to change the text size, format it for lists, text color, and so on.

See Right Side Content

In the list of Sections available in the right hand side, you can add Section and update, or delete existing Sections as required. (Please see About Sections for a few articles on how you can use Sections in a TMail, Template, or Instance.)


Click on Send button to send the Clone Instance to associated Writers. You can also Click on Close button to save this new Instance in Drafts folder. (Please see The Drafts Folder for details.)

When you start adding details such as for Writers, Attachments, or Comment, the Clone Instance is automatically saved in Response Drafts folder. (Please see The Response Drafts Folder for more details.) When a Clone Instance is automatically saved, you see an additional option immediately below the Instance tab, as Delete and Close. Click on this button to discard this new Clone. The discarded Clone Instance is not saved anywhere for later reference.

Clone Instance

You can Clone an Instance to create a new Instance. This new Cloned Instance retains all the properties, structure, and settings of the parent Instance.

Locate the target parent Instance as explained earlier in this article. In Comments tab, click on the More Actions down arrow. Select Clone Instance option as below.

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You can also select Sections tab and click on Clone Instance down arrow, as below.


Select Clone Instance  option.

In either case, the new Instance interface appears in a new tab, as below.

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You can add Writers, Attachments, and Comments as explained for Create Instance as Basic, earlier in this article. You can also add Section and update existing Sections.

Note: You cannot delete a Section when you use Clone Instance action.

For Send or Close options, take appropriate steps as explained earlier in this article.

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