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You have several different options to “reply” to a TMail. Note that a few of the following actions create a new TMail whereas others are inline operations. (Please see Inline vs Forking Operations for more details.) In general you should favor inline operations over forking operations unless you really do wish to create a new TMail.

Inline Operations

  • Quick Response: Use this option to post a quick reply, as an inline operation. You do not see an option to add Writers or Attachments in this option. (Please see Quick Response to a TMail for more details.)
  • Respond to a TMail: Use this option when you plan to update one or more Sections associated with the TMail. The Respond action enables you to auto-save your reply in real time, and you can continue writing your reply later, before you send it to the associated Writers. (Please see Respond to a TMail and Using Response Drafts for more details.)
  • Respond Inline to a Particular Comment: Use this option to post a quick response for a particular Comment associated with the TMail. (Please see Respond Inline to Specific Comment, for more details.)

Forking Operations

  • Reply at a Particular Comment in the TMail: Use this option to reply to a TMail, at a specific Comment associated with this TMail. When you select a specific Comment to reply to the TMail, all the Comments that are after the replied-to Comment are not a part of your reply. (Please see Reply at a Specific Comment in the TMail, for more details.)

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