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TMail Pins are private objects that reference a TMail. In contrast Messages refer to a particular Changeset within a TMail. Messages and TMail Pins are two alternative ways to view and show and organize your TMails.

There are different TMail Pin folders available in the Navigation bar. (Please see Navigation for more details.) In Navigationclick on a TMail Pin folder such as on Active to see the corresponding list of TMail Pins. Click on any TMail Pin in the list to show the corresponding TMail details on the right hand side pane.

  • Recent: TMail Pins organized by latest changeset date on their corresponding TMails
  • Active: TMail Pins that are not archived
  • Archived: TMail Pins that are archived, the TMail Pins are archived when all the following conditions are true:
    • All the Messages related to the TMail Pin (if any) are archived
    • The TMail Pin is not Starred
    • All the Messages related to the TMail Pin (if any) are marked Read.
  • Starred: TMail Pins that have been Starred
  • Unread: TMail Pins that have at least one unread Message

Anatomy of a TMail Pin Folder

The Star Column

The Star column shows an icon to indicate whether the TMail is Starred.

  • A TMail21 Knowledgebase icon means that the TMail is not Starred.
  • TMail21 Knowledgebase icon means that the TMail is Starred.

You see these two options in Recent, Active, Unread, and Archived folders. In Starred folder, all the TMails are Starred. You do not see the Star column in Drafts and Response Drafts folders.


In the second column, you see a TMail21 Knowledgebase  icon if a Section is associated with the corresponding TMail. There is no icon in this column if the TMail does not have any associated Sections. You see this column in RecentActive, StarredUnread, and Archived folders.


In Subject column, you can see the Subject of the TMail. This column is available in all the folders in TMail Pins.


You can see the Type of TMail whether it is a Basic TMail, an Instance created from a Template, or a Template.


This is the unique TMail Tracking Number of corresponding TMail.


If there are no unread Messages associated with this TMail, this column shows the total number of Changesets associated with the TMail. If there are unread Messages, then this column shows the unread count and the total number of Messages, separated by a comma. In this latter case, both numbers are shown in bold text style to indicate that these are unread.

You do not see this Number column in Drafts and Response Drafts folders.

Last Modified

You can see this Last Modified column only for Drafts and Response Drafts folders. This column shows the date and time of last update on the draft TMail, Instance, or on Template.


The storage space this TMail occupies in your TMail account.

(Please see Global Settings to learn how you can customize the TMail Pins view.)

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