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You have different options to navigate to a TMail.

Navigate via a Message Folder: See Messages and Message Folders

Navigate via a TMail Pin Folder: See TMail Pins and TMail Pin Folders

Search for a TMail: See Basic Search and Advanced Search

Click on a TMail Link: If you have a a TMail Link, you can click on it to navigate directly to the TMail. You need to be a Writer on the TMail Link to open and see the TMail via its Link. If you click on the link but are not logged in to TMail, you are prompted to log in. After log in, you are taken directly to the TMail. If you are not a Writer on the TMail, you see an “Unauthorized Access” message.

A TMail Link looks like In this example, 124-0101-1754 is the TMail Tracking Number. You can get a TMail Link by clicking on the ‘Copy Link’ button on the TMail Header.

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