Tracked Mail: How Tracking Numbers Will Transform Email

25 September,2015


Tracking numbers are a concept yet to be fully integrated into mainstream email. But they can provide an immediate path to critical information, without the need to frantically scavenge through your inbox. TMail has incorporated tracking numbers into its core product model, with each TMail assigned its own unique number. Information doesn’t have to be hard to find, so why has a better and more organized system not yet come to prominence?

Incorporating Tracked Mail

Email has operated in a traditionally silo-based format since its inception. Therefore, incorporating content from emails into the entire workplace ecosystem requires copying and pasting which unnecessarily duplicates information. Furthermore, this can slow up the collaborative process, and require individuals to hunt through chain after chain of mail in search of the right information to reference. Finally, let’s say you want to tell a co-worker to look at a particular message. You have to use vague generalities like ‘  It was in an email about the product launch I sent sometime yesterday morning‘. A tracked mail system, however, overcomes this problem by sending individuals right to the message that matters.


At TMail, we’ve come up with a solution by automatically assigning unique tracking numbers to each individual TMail. This makes tasks like contract negotiations and running sales cycles more easily accomplished. Each component of a TMail including comments, sections, updates and attachments are all assigned unique tracking numbers that can be shared, exported and referenced at anytime, with anyone.

For Big Enterprises

Tracking Numbers can be shared via email, instant message, or text message as shown above.

For Big Enterprises, tracked mail poses an opportunity to vastly increase the productivity of shared and accessible information. As we have discussed before, huge chunks of time are spent on a weekly basis by personnel searching and managing email information inflow. Eliminating this time consuming activity frees up work hours for teams to focus on doing their real jobs such as boosting sales leads, designing products, collecting payments, managing the workforce etc.

You can get started with TMail21 for free by clicking here.

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