Our Private Beta Is Here

30 September,2015

Now In Private Beta

We are so excited to launch our private beta, and hope you join us in our quest to redefine the way we collaborate, communicate, and cooperate. Haven’t signed up for the beta? Click Here to quickly request an account! As a thank you for participating in our beta, we’re giving away a free 3 Month trial of our Pro Plan, which gives mid to large-sized teams great flexibility and personalization options.


TMail was founded with one mission: Taming your inbox! We’re tired of having to sift through email after email just to find that lost attachment. We’re frustrated with the seemingly endless inflow of mail, and an inbox backed up by the thousands. But we’re not setting out to kill our communication companion. We’re coming up with ways to fix Email’s pitfalls while enhancing it’s strengths at the same time.


So give it a try, and let us know what you think! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on what makes electronic mail more manageable for you.


Also, be sure to check out this quick tutorial on how to navigate the TMail platform:

Thanks again for joining us on this exciting journey. We hope you love it!

All The Best,

-The TMail Team

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