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December 2015 Product Updates

16 December,2015
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At TMail21 we are a team of productivity geeks, we eat our own dogfood and iterate on the product based on internal as well as external feedback. In the last few months we have been busy improving the usability of the product as well as fixing bugs.  A few of the major product updates in  latest release are :

Profile Images

Users can choose their profile image by clicking the profile icon and uploading an image.

From the profile page users can choose the privacy settings to show the images to anyone or  to my organization users only or no one.

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6 Steps to Rocking TMail!

7 October,2015
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Earlier this week, we launched our Private Beta, and have been excited at the response. Thanks again for sticking around with us in our quest to maximize enterprise productivity. We know you’re probably not up to speed on the entirety of TMail just yet, so we’ve created a list of jumping off points to get you going. As always, if any questions or concerns come to mind, don’t hesitate to contact our support team!

1. Create Your First TMail!

To create your first TMail, click the + New TMail button in the top right hand corner of the dashboard. From Here, you can build out your very first TMail in the same intuitive way you create a new email. Also located in this area is the inbox refresh button, to update your sent and received mail.

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Hyper-productivity with Lightweight EMail Processes

3 October,2015

EMail is the most widely used tool for notifications and discussions. But it is less well appreciated that EMail is also the most widely utilized (lightweight) business process management (BPM) tool in use. Most users may not even recognize that they are using email as a business process tool.

Here are some example lightweight business processes in a company

  • Collaborate on a design (Engineering)
  • Collaborate on a Sales Cycle (Sales, Marketing and Legal)
  • Collaborate on a Blog Post (Marketing)
  • Collaborate on a Customer Issue (Support)
  • Collaborate on an Issue (General)
  • Collaborate on an Invoice (Accounting)
  • Collaborate on a Contract (Buyer Legal and Seller Legal)
  • Run a Sales and Operations Planning Process (All)


Unfortunately using EMail to collaborate on lightweight business processes can become an exercise in frustration.It is difficult to track the ‘true’ current state of the process . Instead the state of the process is represented by some combination of comments scattered over several threads and dozens or hundreds of attachment versions strewn about. For anything but the simplest processes this approach rapidly spins out of control.

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Our Private Beta Is Here

30 September,2015
Now In Private Beta

We are so excited to launch our private beta, and hope you join us in our quest to redefine the way we collaborate, communicate, and cooperate. Haven’t signed up for the beta? Click Here to quickly request an account! As a thank you for participating in our beta, we’re giving away a free 3 Month trial of our Pro Plan, which gives mid to large-sized teams great flexibility and personalization options.

TMail was founded with one mission: Taming your inbox! We’re tired of having to sift through email after email just to find that lost attachment. We’re frustrated with the seemingly endless inflow of mail, and an inbox backed up by the thousands. But we’re not setting out to kill our communication companion. We’re coming up with ways to fix Email’s pitfalls while enhancing it’s strengths at the same time.

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Tracked Mail: How Tracking Numbers Will Transform Email

25 September,2015

Tracking numbers are a concept yet to be fully integrated into mainstream email. But they can provide an immediate path to critical information, without the need to frantically scavenge through your inbox. TMail has incorporated tracking numbers into its core product model, with each TMail assigned its own unique number. Information doesn’t have to be hard to find, so why has a better and more organized system not yet come to prominence?

Incorporating Tracked Mail

Email has operated in a traditionally silo-based format since its inception. Therefore, incorporating content from emails into the entire workplace ecosystem requires copying and pasting which unnecessarily duplicates information. Furthermore, this can slow up the collaborative process, and require individuals to hunt through chain after chain of mail in search of the right information to reference. Finally, let’s say you want to tell a co-worker to look at a particular message. You have to use vague generalities like ‘  It was in an email about the product launch I sent sometime yesterday morning‘. A tracked mail system, however, overcomes this problem by sending individuals right to the message that matters.

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4 Ways Email Drives Us Crazy, and What One Can Do About it.

15 September,2015

Email. In many ways, it is best defined by a love-hate relationship triangle between senders, servers and recipients. Email has transformed the way we communicate, especially in a collaborative setting. But has this love child of 90’s era Internet fallen out of date when compared to the plethora of new chat platforms and document collaboration solutions? Let’s take a closer look at some of the problems email poses, and how we’re navigating its pitfalls.


1. Attachment Anarchy

Email has become notorious for making the process of sharing documents difficult. Attachments initially provided a great solution to share and update material.However, attachments lack the ability to be updated, leaving room for confusion and disarray when updating documents via attachments. We’ve all seen it. Deep in the heart of an email thread, someone updates an OLD version of the presentation; without the updated numbers and new graphics. By this point, there’s little stopping the flood of confused and distressed emails from working their evil magic and turning a very civilized collaboration into a corporate anarchist’s dream. Hours later, someone manages to fix the issue and send out an updated version in an entirely new chain.

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9 September,2015

Roger Hollings of recently did a review of TMail21. Here’s a quote.

Though TMail21 works alongside existing email, it’s perfectly willing to kick traditional email to the curb. TMail21 looks to keep the best aspects of our standard emailing while adding a number of lightweight features that make it a better way to both communicate and work.

You can read the full review at

You can get started with TMail21 for free by clicking here.

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Tracked Mail and Chat: A Match Made in Heaven

4 September,2015
Chat loves Tracked Mail

There are two major communication paradigms in the enterprise. These are synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous communication is typified by chat. Asynchronous communication is typified by email.

In synchronous communications both (or all) parties need to be present at the same time to be effective. Asynchronous communications are designed around both (or all parties) not needing to be present at the same time to be effective.

Historically, most electronic communication within an enterprise was conducted using email (an asynchronous communication tool). Even communication that was better done synchronously was done within email.

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Announcing TMail21

4 September,2015

We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of TMail21.

Here at TMail21 we are obsessed with productivity in general and enterprise productivity in particular. We’ve been dogfooding TMail internally for the past year and will shortly be starting our private beta. You can sign up for the private beta on our home page at

Our goal is to preserve the great characteristics of email while rethinking and reinventing its not-so-great characteristics. Finally, we take interoperation with existing email as a requirement.

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