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How Businesses are Missing Out on One of the Most Powerful Collaboration Techniques

13 October,2015

The primary way that businesses collaborate on processes (other than specialized applications) is via a mix of EMail/Chat + document-oriented-collaboration . An example of a modern document-oriented collaboration system is Google Docs. But do businesses realize that there is a better way? It turns out there is a much more powerful collaboration technique available and it has been sitting right underneath our noses all this time.

It is a technique used by software developers on a daily basis and goes by the techie name of Source Code Management .

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Why our Startup Chose React Native and What we Learned

16 September,2015

Like many startups we were faced with the debate on how to go about building our mobile apps. We faced a fairly typical set of tradeoffs.

On the one hand we had a crack team of Javascript developers who were familiar with JQuery, ReactJS and other JS frameworks. On the other hand we wanted the ‘native’ performance and feel of a native app but did not have the budget to invest in building ‘native’ iOS and Android teams.

After much back and forth we settled on the Hybrid approach that would allow us to leverage our Javascript skills. The nature of our app (“An email-like service to massively increase collaborative productivity” according to the marketing people) led us to the conclusion that this was not an unreasonable choice.

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