Why TMail

TMail is an email-like service that can be utilized to massively increase collaborative productivity. It achieves this by adding some revolutionary capabilities to email while preserving the good parts of email. Some of these revolutionary capabilities are:

Painlessly Collaborate via Smart Sections

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Say goodbye to the ‘version misery’ of collaboration via attachments. Smart Sections are ‘inline’ like attachments, except they are Editable and Change-tracked. Learn More

Refer to your TMails via Tracking Numbers


Never lose track of your mail again. Every TMail has a user-friendly Tracking Number. Use this to refer to, share and find TMails. Tie your mail into the broader enterprise ecosystem. Learn More

Send Certified Mail

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Send Certified Mail such as HR notices, Important Business Documents, Contracts, Statements, Application Forms, Signed Documents etc. Not only is the act of sending certified, but the content itself is certified.Learn More

Transform Discussions with lucid threads

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Take your discussions to the next level with the radical simplicity of TMail threads.

Create, Send, Solicit and Fill Forms

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Create Forms in minutes and send them. Recipients can fill them in right inside their mail and send them back. Alternatively fill in forms in the template store and send.Learn More

Seize Control of your Inbox

Can’t keep up with your email messages? Seize control of your inbox via a Kanban-like Message Triage system along with ‘Trackers’. Even achieve the mythical Inbox Zero. Learn More

Execute Workflows Right Inside Your Mail

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Increase your group’s or enterprise’s productivity by quickly creating (in minutes) custom Workflows. Leverage the benefits of becoming process-driven without investing in brittle, expensive, dedicated systems. Learn More

Easily Manage Facilitated Collaboration


A large portion of collaboration in an enterprise is of a facilitated nature whereby some user coordinates activities. This is a technique often used in Email and is particularly painful. Through support for Diffs and Certified Clones, this is easily supported in TMail. Learn More

Say Goodbye to Spam

Spam is massively reduced via several techniques including distinguishing between people and bots. Don’t let spam overwhelm you. Learn More

Become Process-oriented with Templates

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Quickly find and use templates to get a jump-start on processes. Publish your own templates to the store (with your own domain name). Write applications against your template.