December 2015 Product Updates

16 December,2015
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At TMail21 we are a team of productivity geeks, we eat our own dogfood and iterate on the product based on internal as well as external feedback. In the last few months we have been busy improving the usability of the product as well as fixing bugs.  A few of the major product updates in  latest release are :

Profile Images

Users can choose their profile image by clicking the profile icon and uploading an image.

From the profile page users can choose the privacy settings to show the images to anyone or  to my organization users only or no one.

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Rethinking BPM based on Lean Principles

5 December,2015

[Click here for the Lean BPM Manifesto.]

In 2001, software development was in a mini-crisis. Software projects were being specified in ever-more elaborate terms. Methods like the Rational Unified Process and Waterfall project planning were being utilized. And yet software projects were failing at increasing rates or being delivered late or being delivered with the wrong requirements. That year, a group of software developers came out with the Agile Manifesto This manifesto based on Agile and Lean principles created a revolution in software development leading to much improved outcomes. Today it is not uncommon for software to be released to production on a daily or weekly basis in small valuable increments with rapid feedback and iteration. In the past quarterly releases to production would have been considered good.

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