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Slack + TMail21

28 January,2016

Integrating with Slack bridges the synchronous (chat) and asynchronous (thread-like) worlds. With TMail you can run hundreds or even thousands of powerful threads in parallel. You can create and interact with them directly from Slack using this integration. You can also directly run TMail’s conversational processes directly from Slack.

With this integration you have a comprehensive, integrated communications infrastructure for your team.

To integrate with Slack:

1. Login to TMail21

You need to be a registered user to login to TMail. If you have not registered for TMail21 you need to do that first:

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December 2015 Product Updates

16 December,2015
Choose Image

At TMail21 we are a team of productivity geeks, we eat our own dogfood and iterate on the product based on internal as well as external feedback. In the last few months we have been busy improving the usability of the product as well as fixing bugs.  A few of the major product updates in  latest release are :

Profile Images

Users can choose their profile image by clicking the profile icon and uploading an image.

From the profile page users can choose the privacy settings to show the images to anyone or  to my organization users only or no one.

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